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Monday, October 18, 2021

Law Professionals - Lawyers in Dubai/Abu Dhabi

People need the legal support of law professionals now and then in life. If you are an aspiring expatriate who wants to settle or work in the UAE, you need the help of an accomplished lawyer who is well versed in the Immigration Law and Employee Law of the UAE. Extensive paperwork and the know-how of the legal infrastructure of the UAE cannot be accomplished without the help of field-specific attorneys. Both the factors are essential for immigrants and expatriate workers for a smooth settlement or grabbing a lucrative job opportunity. Similarly, lawyers play a vital role in many family-related matters. They facilitate the process of marriage registration, filing for divorce, child custody, claiming compensation post-termination of marriage, etc. Likewise, if you are charged with a criminal offense in any emirate of the UAE, then the relevant criminal defense lawyers in abu dhabi, Dubai, etc. provide the best legal support to your cause. They also become your legal representatives to fight for your claims in the court of law. You cannot do without hiring competent lawyers to help you save your honor and independence. They act as the best strategic partners who devise a plan for your legal course of action to help you get a verdict in your favor.

You can contact attorneys in different emirates of the UAE as per your need. There lie differences in the way some laws are exercised in different emirates. Therefore, to narrow your need for case specialist lawyers, you can make exclusive choices of attorneys from specific emirates as well. The lawyers in abu dhabi/lawyers in dubai, etc. have relevant expertise of law regarding the particular emirate. They are experts of the UAE's Federal Law as well. Keeping the vital role of lawyers in a client's life and right of freedom and justice, it is very important to choose the best legal aid for yourself. Clients should hire an attorney who specializes in the niche of law that is relevant to their case file. He should have the skill and experience of handling such cases in the past to make a winning case for you. The chances of winning a case are high if your lawyer has all these traits.

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyers and Their Crucial Role in Dubai

Criminal offenses are serious violations of law. They include acts like rape, murder, kidnapping, treason, theft, etc. Those who commit such misdemeanors are sentenced with strict punishments, if proven guilty, depending upon the atrocity of it. Individuals charged with such serious offenses need the help of skilled criminal defense lawyers in dubai. The aftermath of such criminal charges may lead to death penalties or lifetime imprisonments if proven accurate. Hence, the life, death, and freedom of an individual are at stake in such cases. Thus, hiring the most capable criminal defense lawyers in dubai can save a person from false charges, and get his freedom and honor back. In criminal cases, clients need only Criminal Law specialist lawyers who understand the legal working of the judicial system of the UAE. Attorneys who have many years of practice in this area of law can take up such complicated cases and effectively represent the client in the court of law. Individuals having criminal charges against their name cannot hire lawyers on a hit and trial basis. Neither do they have the time to learn the law and gain adequate legal knowledge within a short time to understand the matters of law and implications of the charges pressed against them. Only an experienced and Criminal Law specialist attorney can give legal ground to such clients and a conviction that justice shall be served. These lawyers have spent years studying, practicing, and handling cases regarding the Criminal category. Clients need the lawyer's expertise and experience to devise a legal course of action for them that is best suited for their cause and shall save them from getting severely convicted. They act as the best guides and legal counselors for them in the legal proceedings that follow after a case is filed and hearings begin. Moreover, such criminal defense lawyers act as the authorized legal representatives for their clients in the court of law from the beginning till the final verdict on the case. In such a distressful time, they help the client in making the correct legal move that shall cement their chances of winning the case.

Stages and Important Part of the Process, of Criminal Cases:

  1. Initially a Police Complaint
  2. Public Prosecution
  3. Criminal Court
  4. Expert Report required for filling the complaint in Police Station
  5. Meeting with Experts
  6. Final Verdict




Importance of legal representatives for companies

Certain events might happen in life that require legal intervention like marriage registration, divorce, child custody, inheritance issues, etc. Company lawsuits, debt claims, criminal offenses, injury at work claims, discrimination at work, etc. are a few other examples of such happenings that call for competent lawyers in abu dhabi to step in. Lawyers in Abu Dhabi/Lawyers in Dubai etc are highly capable of assisting individuals and companies in complex case files in which a strong legal representation is essential to fight against the accusations or to prove the client as not guilty. They give a strong legal back to their clients in litigation, mitigation, and negotiation as well. Attorneys are the best source to get legal guidance as well. Every case file is not taken into the court of law for a legal proceeding. Many legal issues get resolved outside the court premises by the mediator role played by the lawyers between both the parties. They are the most credible source to turn to if an important decision has to be taken by the company management while staying in compliance with the legal bindings of the UAE judicial system.  Their expertise and experience in the field of law make them the most suitable legal professionals to take consultation from. Companies that operate on a large scale or which have a widespread business sphere across the globe hire acclaimed law firms or competent lawyers to work for them permanently to keep the company's operation in line with the business laws of the UAE. It helps them to take a proactive approach and to avoid any lawsuits or penalties that damage the overall reputation of their name in the industry. It can be achieved by having a legal professional frequently review the company policies and operational activities to check whether they are legally compliant or not and to give their expert opinion to the company management for any rectifications required. Moreover, the attorneys are also responsible for the massive legal paperwork which comes with the legal procedures and working. They act as the official legal representatives of the said company at all judicial forums, courts, and legal bodies.

Note: Blog is merely an idea. We can be wrong here with the new inventions come with the passage of time.

Choosing the Legal Representative & Lawyer in Dubai

Choosing the best legal representative for your specific legal matter is not so easy a task as it might seem to be. The services industry in the UAE is full of innumerable practicing lawyers in dubai, Dubai, and all other emirates. The difference cannot be assessed based on different Emirates but based on the individual skill, legal aptitude, talent, and experience of each attorney. Certain winning tactics help an individual in choosing the best legal representative to take up his case in the court of law. Firstly, the client must be fully aware of the category of law in which his legal cause falls. Whether he wants a solution for his family-related matters or he has been charged with a criminal offense. This assessment shall help him narrow down his search for a credible lawyer in that particular niche of law.

For example, criminal lawyers in dubai are highly proficient in handling any case related to criminal offense rather than a case dealing with divorce. Hence, the case type decides the lawyer specializing in that particular category of law. Secondly, the client needs to investigate the credentials of the lawyer he wishes to hire before initiating an official client-lawyer relationship with him. The said lawyer should not have any history of professional misconduct or penalizing sentences. The local legal authorities of dubai can give a better insight into this. The word-of-mouth reputation in the legal circles of that lawyer can also help the client in making the right decision while choosing the best legal assistance.

Thirdly, it might be a good idea to assess the lawyer by having a consultation-only session with him before officially hiring him for his legal representation services. Having a chance to formally interact with him gives an idea to the potential client about the skill and competence of the lawyer and his suitability to the specific case file. It is better to give a consultation fee than to incur a high hiring cost and yielding nothing substantial for the case at hand by choosing an unsuitable attorney for your cause.

Note: Just a blog and thought. Readers should consult the registered lawyers first for taking legal action and making a mind.

Consequences of unsettled debt on small scale firms

Firms working on a small scale or organizations operated on a constricted funding have more to lose than gain when they get subjected to unpaid bills by their clients. If such small set up businesses fail to get timely paid by their clients, it puts a massive burden on their already limited cash inflows. Such companies need funds to pay their suppliers for the manufacturing materials purchased. If their clients do not pay their bills on time, it becomes impossible for such firms to generate alternative sources to pay their supplying entities. Hence, they experience a budget deficit which might lead them to get bankrupt.

Bankruptcy leads to getting chased by debt collectors for debt recovery dubai. An ideal substitute for such small-scale enterprises is to adopt a proactive approach rather than a defensive one. It means that if their clients' invoices become overdue for more than a month, it calls for settling the bills by making the debt collectors go after them in their professional scheme of money procurement. Hiring well-acclaimed collecting agents may have a strain on the company's limited range of funds. However, debt collection dubai is comparatively less expensive than having your unpaid bills turn into unsettled debts for a longer period. Moreover, with each passing day, or month, the chance of getting back your due payment becomes slimmer. So, it is better to track down your debtors and persuade them to clear their dues as soon as their agreed-upon date of payment starts getting postponed. It saves these small businesses to face any complicated and high-cost incurring business scenarios.

It all can only be possible if these firms contact professional and highly credible debt collectors. They can take up your debt settlement worries and help you to concentrate on more important aspects of running a successful business, run on limited resources. Such a recovery method may cost the company its clients but the existence of a business is more important than losing a few payment defaulter customers. Debt collectors are supposed to work within the legal guidelines for settling bad debt while protecting their client's best interests and avoiding undue exploitation of the debtors.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Law Firms in Dubai in United Arab Emirates

A Law Firm operates with a managing partner like a law firm CEO. All the lawyers work under the CEO of the firm. The CEO is the master of the firm who prepares lawyers according to the client’s needs. The law firm includes many types of laws. Environmental law is a concerned term girding aspects of the law that postulate protection to the environment. The environmental law practice is modifying greatly depending upon the categories of clients. Lawyers or Attorneys of the United Arab Emirates can also secure large corporations or work for public enthusiasm groups demanding to preserve the environment. The practice of environmental law involves; both counseling and persecutions. Environmental lawyers should be comfortable with science studies and numbers. These lawyers must generate strong feelings.

In the United Arab Emirates, the energy laws are the primary authorities related to energy. In contrast, energy policy refers to the policy of energy law. Energy law includes the legal provision for oil, gasoline, etc. the practice of lawyers for energy law constitutes a contract for the sitting and extraction. The rule for practicing divides between old energy like oil, gas, electricity, new energy similar deregulated gas and power as a specialty. The Law Firms in Dubai, the practices are geographically concentrated. The mentioned law is the best practice for the lawyers of the United Arab Emirates; who want a balanced practice. Companion for the new energy is very high on the in-house side. Many lawyers of the United Arab Emirates are in-house at oil co companies.

The dubai lawyers of the United Arab Emirates also deal with family issues. Pledge with the family issue is known as family law. Family law is a practice area in the law firm, where the lawyers are concerned with legal concerns like family relations in particular; adoption, divorce, child custody, and other related legal matters. In this case, clients are frequently individuals. There is a lot of client contact, good people skills are required to succeed in this case. In Dubai, few large firms have small family law gangs which contribute to focus on the clients as evidence. The practice of family law is highly emotional.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Employment Lawyers in Dubai and Employment Issues

Whenever an employer dismisses or fires an employee as an outcome of its refusal to perform an illegal act as a part of its job. This termination is known as wrongful or an act of retaliation. This is because an employer cannot terminate an employee just because he refused to commit something, a criminal act, not liked by senior management. Under this situation, it’s a tough call altogether. Refusing to perform it is an unethical or a questionable act.  Under many scenarios, it is extremely difficult to identify whether the action in question is illegal or could affect employment.

Employment has the rights regarding the minimum wage rate, trade unions, and fired by exercising employee rights. Under such situations, the employees have a wide set of rights that the employees can exercise. If an employee thinks that he is terminated as an outcome of exercising the rights as an employee, you may have a case for wrongful termination. Therefore, Employment Lawyers in Dubai will provide you with expert Legal Representation in this regard. He is the one who can advise you properly regarding this sensitive matter.

If such a scenario arises, it is advisable to consult an employment lawyer. An attorney will address your doubts about whether you have been fired for refusing to perform the illegal act or if you are currently being asked to perform such an act that you perceive to be illegal while being part of the employment.  Therefore, the best solution is to seek professional advice to clear the air.

On the other hand, other than wrongful termination based on retaliation or an expectation to perform an illegal action, some common workplace situations require legal assistance from the employees.  In addition, it may involve problems related to wages. The salaries may not be paid timely, under-paid, or a dispute over the overtime. The problems related to wages are quite common which can easily be addressed by the employment lawyer in the light of local employment laws.

If an employee has experienced sexual harassed or made uncomfortable at the workplace this is considered sexual harassment.  Moreover, if someone has passed inappropriate comments or sexual advances are made in the workplace also fall under the category of it.  If you are terminated or forced to leave after reporting the harassment or an employee has turned down the advances, this is all related to sexual harassment.

Moreover, if someone makes inappropriate or incorrect comments or actions towards you termination in this regard is categorized under wrongful termination. Employment lawyers in dubai can aid you to determine if the termination was done based on discriminatory practices. Moreover, they will instigate whether it is a direct result of sexual harassment and if so, an employment lawyer can put up your case for wrongful termination.

Silence is not the answer to it, break your silence and forget the retaliation you will face. Come forward to the employment lawyer and prove the workplace sexual harassment is illegal and must not be tolerated at any cost. Employment Lawyers are there to safeguard you and your rights through their expertise and experience. Address the hostility you have faced in the work environment with us. Experiencing such a situation is a daunting task, where professional assistance will navigate the stressful terrain to vanish over time.

These lawyers in dubai have been at the forefront in dealing with sexual harassment cases. They establish the right to legal protection for those who are subject to it. Moreover, in some of the cases, economic redress is also offered to the workers against the sexual harassment they have faced.

The Labour and Employment Lawyers, continue to address similar nature of cases in the past and even won settlements for their clients. Moreover, they have successfully protected the rights in jury verdicts for the client whose rights are violated. They remain updated about the laws and regulations surrounding the legal issue and keep analyzing the cases on a daily basis.  They even offer counsel to their client and timely intervention to put a stop to it at once. Moreover, they strongly advocate equal rights and provide cover to their clients against the injustices faced by them. 

Note: This is only a Blog. If a reader wants to take a legal action then first he, should consult the Lawyers/Legal Consultants first. We will not own any responsibility this regard.