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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Labor and Employment Lawyers in Dubai

Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai have a lot of direct contact with the clients. They interact with the employers and employees with respect to employment. They also prepare tribunal claims for the employees. Empathy is one of the qualities that are needed to work with those in employment law. This is primarily due to the fact that the clients have to go through unpleasant experiences. They also have to deal with the personal allegations made up against them at any point in time. Therefore, an employment attorney needs to be highly supportive of the client. He should work with the stressed and vulnerable clients in the best possible way. It is expected from them that they will advocate for their client at the employment tribunal in Dubai.

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There is public speaking involved in defending the client in front of the employment tribunal. Therefore, there is a need for exceptional speaking skills. One who has the guts to speak and advocate his client will be able to defend the parties in the right direction. They need to draft letters, contracts, agreements, and litigation documents if needed. Therefore, they need someone with brilliantly written skills to prepare all the relevant documents in this respect. They have the understanding related to the employment laws in Dubai and thus, prepare all the paperwork according to it. There are a lot of technical things involved in them which require a well-versed employment lawyer. Moreover, they need to practice a mix of contentious, non-contentious, and advisory work that needs strong organizational skills. This assists them in carrying out a variety of tasks with great dedication, commitment, and professionalism.

The employment laws are subject to contact changes in the law. Adaptability is essential to meet the requirements and constant evolving of the employment laws in Dubai. An attorney is aware of the new legislation that arrives each year. They need to remain updated about it and they also need commercial awareness. Commercial awareness is vital to understanding the client’s requirements and expectations. They need to quickly establish the realities with the Human resource and management of the client to address the matter.

For Example, UAE Labour Law 2022, where the people are much interesting to know about the new Laws and Rules. There is a lot change in UAE Labour Law. Now Labour and Employment Lawyers are being hired by the people to grab the legal knowledge on UAE Labour Law revised. People are much curious to know about two things this year.

  • UAE Labour Law
  • Museum of the Future

Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai

Labour and Employment Law is broad and involves a wide scope and application. It encompasses a vast range of matters that are related to the workplace. Here come Employment Lawyers in Dubai who advise the global organizations, public and private sector clients, individuals, and charities upon their matters concerning employment. The work or scope of the employment attorney can be divided into two different categories. Firstly, that is related to the employee and his respective rights and obligations. Secondly, they also cover the employer's rights and obligations. Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai, cover both the facets and thus offer their services and advice upon a myriad of issues related to the two parties.

Here one thing should be kept in mind: employment law is highly technical and extremely dynamic. There are specific jurisdictions that are subject to frequent legislation. There are alterations taking place in them and thus developments keep coming. Moreover, they are often at the forefront of social changes. It also constitutes the contract laws and statutory rights applicable in the Dubai market. Dubai has its laws and regulations governing labor laws. They are different from the other parts of the world. The employment lawyers in Dubai are well-aware of the changes to the employment law that may be driven by the various developments taking place. The developments take place at different levels time and again.

A Labour and Employment Lawyer gets a chance to work in a dynamic and diverse environment where they deal with different situations time and again.  As all the companies in Dubai hire people, complexities do arise in employee and employer relations. He takes up the complicated legal matters related to employment irrespective of the size of the employer. Employment Law prevailing in Dubai is varied and intellectually stimulating. Therefore, employment lawyers may indulge in high publicity cases. They need to work upon the variety of cases as the scope is too wide. A lot of lawyers specialize in employment laws and thus, it is one of the most popular areas of law to practice. Nevertheless, the competition is stiff.

Employment Agreement:

  • Labour and Employment Agreement is drafted and implemented.
  • Please do not mix up the Internal Contract with the Labour Contract.
  • Offer Letter is a different paper, which is not an agreement.
  • Employment Agreement, Internal Agreement and the Offer Letter all must be drafted by the Emirati Labour and Employment Lawyers.
  • When it comes to renew these documents or modify then again such Lawyers much be revised it, not the PRO or people from Non-Labour background.

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

All About Business Consultants and Advocates

Many individuals have an alternate understanding of a business advisor. To them, business consultants are agents who come into the picture when the organization is facing a budgetary crisis or an emergency. In place of reality, business-related legal consultants have some expertise in managing a wide range of organizational matters. Legal Consultants can also be the advocates in UAE if they are Emiratis or Locals. The details will be explained in another Blog. This term is referred to as or to Dubai Lawyers or Lawyers in Dubai.

Business specialists are recruited to see organizational issues from an alternative and more extensive viewpoint. These advisors are specialists in their relative fields and proposition sound counsel and guidance to organizations concerning how to deal with an issue. They have no immediate connection to the organization and are working as an outsider within the company. Acting as a third party, legal experts can see things top management might neglect to see. This empowers them to measure the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure all the more proficiently and assists them with doing the best solution.

Business advisors normally specialize in particular fields to fulfill the shifting needs of the present organizations. Management consultants advise on different corporate activities like advertising, finance, and the corporate system. There are some firms that offer technical consultant’s services to their clients, they provide technical advice to customers that are not related to management activities. Another example of consultants includes environmental consultants. Their job is to look at whether the companies are meeting government emission standards. This helps companies to keep check and balance and to correct the problem before any sort of penalties.

Talk of the Town and our recommendation of the week

New companies frequently recruit business legal consultants to keep focused on the organization’s vision. They assist with making business plans and strategies. Also, they give sincere counselling services to acquaint firms with every one of the legal parts of their business that they may not know about. Opposing the traditional view, business consultancy isn't only for high-profile organizations. People believe hiring these consultants will only increase the expenses of the business. Smaller-level companies cannot afford business advisors regardless of the growth in profits they bring to the table. Business specialists are now a requirement of the business to survive in the market. Depending on the nature of the business and type of advisor they should hire an appropriate consultant for their business.

What we have understood today is that:

  • Business Consultants are the people who have to provide tips and counselling on the business, commercial, corporate, trade and financial aspects. The biggest lawyer of the town giving advice on Labour and Employment Case e.g. The False Termination will not be counted as a legal consultant or lawyer.
  • Once again it should not be messed up or mixed with Advocates. Lawyers or Advocates are different in practice in the United Arab Emirates.
  • A well-known lawyer can also appear in Court but a well known legal consultant can't.
  • Due to services, the process can also be different. The Business Lawyers are more expensive than family advocates, employment advocates or even wills and estate lawyers.
  • Commercial Cases need requirement of Court Experts, External Experts, Audit Experts, and can be taken to Cassation Court. One must be mentally and financially ready before filling the Case.

Professionalism and Ethics of Legal Consultants

The principles of professionalism and ethics are very important for lawyers. The sensitivity of this profession dictates that these principles are always followed so that there is no injustice to any of the concerned parties. Legal Consultants in Dubai have to be very careful to ensure compliance with these principles.

The first principle in this regard is the effort to work for enforcement of justice rather than protecting or supporting an individual. If the lawyer starts to protect his client no matter what, this is bound to lead to unfair outcomes. Disregarding this practice is perhaps the most common and most cynical part of the justice systems in different parts of the world. The Judge and the jury have to be extra vigilant to ensure that malpractice in this regard does not lead to unfair judgment.

Another important professional standard is a commitment to the truth and fact-finding. The lawyer should always try to uncover all possible facts regarding a case no matter how obvious and apparent the scenario may be. This leads to finding those uncovered facts and details which can change the apparent and obvious cases and lead to a different outcome.

Disregarding financial benefits is also a very important professional standard. Sometimes it may be more rewarding to pursue the case for the wrong reasons. The culprits may offer monetary benefits if the lawyer falsifies a case and leads to their victory. This is a test of character for the lawyers so that they can choose to sacrifice their wellbeing to uphold the law of the land. On the other hand, the lawyers should not overcharge their clients as well. The compensation of the legal contract should be fair and just.

 In addition, there are many other written and unwritten ethical standards that the legal consultants in Dubai have to follow for their betterment. The most important earnings for a lawyer are fame and a good reputation. If the lawyers who do not have fair practices start getting exposed in the society, they will lose their credibility in the society which will not only be detrimental to their profession but also the future business dealings.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Determining whether you should hire a family lawyer or not

Determining whether you should hire a family lawyer or not is a tiring process for you. If yes then Family Lawyers in Dubai can help you more than above. In many scenarios, you and the other party might be looking to work through some of the separation logistics on their own. You might involve a family lawyer once you have reached an agreement. In other situations, you may need the assistance of a family lawyer right off the bat. He is hired to help in communicating and negotiating the agreement. There is no wrong in approaching an attorney. It is advisable to reach the family lawyer in UAE as early as possible.

This is necessary to ensure your resolution will be legally binding. Moreover, getting early legal advice saves you from a lot of confusion and false hopes. You can also ensure that everything is going in the right direction for you. When you hire a family lawyer in UAE, it is vital to search for someone eligible to practice law where your legal proceedings are taking place.  This may appear to be very obvious but it does get complex at times.  Based on where you are married, where you are residing during the marriage where you have purchased the property during the marriage, and where you currently reside. All these are important questions to you before proceeding any further.

If you reside within the UAE domain, it is advisable to hire a lawyer near you who knows the prevailing family laws and regulations very well. Moreover, it is near you who will save a lot of your time and energy. All you need to do is to hunt for a family lawyer near you so that it is easier for you to reach his office whenever necessary. A lawyer from outside the UAE involves a lot of travelling costs and traffic which can be tiresome and hectic. If your case hits the courtroom, then the lawyer needs to visit the courts for the case proceedings. Moreover, once your case is pleaded in court, the lawyer needs to accompany you. In all this, the family lawyer will charge you for the transportation cost. Hiring near you will reduce your overheads as well.

Procedure to apply for Divorce in UAE:

  • Contact Family Courts.
  • The first point of contact is Mediation Department.
  • Reconciliation Session with the Court officials.
  • They try to fix the matter.
  • Lawyers are not allowed there.
  • If either party or both, not agreed and are convinced then "Case Number" is generated and the matter is referred to Family Court.
  • Family Lawyers in Dubai can be hired here or before the complaint is filled. It's up to the plaintiff or defendant.
When the matter is forwarded:

When the matter is forwarded to Court then a point comes where the client can't appear himself. Family Lawyers are required. They will take the case to Court. They will take care of the entire case in all the courts. The distribution is as follows:

A) First Court
B) Second Court or Court of Appeal
3) Third Court or High Court or Supreme Court

Some Other Key Points:
  • A Reconciliation Committee is formed but by the court.
  • In case there is an issue then these Dubai Lawyers can't do anything.
  • Family Court fully and totally monitors the situation.
  • Family Lawyers or Divorce Lawyers, all are the same Lawyers and no one has the exemption.
  • Accountability on the Family Lawyers is strict than the others.
  • Do not underestimate the Law, which means Family Law.

Skills to develop and Legal Consultants in Dubai

Skills necessary to develop your careers over time are vital to growing. As it is said: practice makes a man perfect, but this is developed over time. Here are some of the qualities that a legal consultant must have if you aspire to be a successful legal consultant:

Legal consultants should be orally articulate. To prepare the necessary documentation concerning the legal matters, well-drafted papers need to be formulated. The documents should be clearer, concise, and summarized to an extent. They also need to be precise and persuasive at the same time. Additionally, they must be able to produce a great variety of legal documents. Such skills can be developed over time by taking part in activities.

The legal consultants must have the capacity to draw reasonable and logical conclusions. As they equally have been careful with the assumptions due to limited information they have. Critically analyses the situation so that potential areas of weaknesses can be anticipated. Similarly, it is essential to highlight the weaker area which needs extra caution.  In little time a lot of judgments are needed which require strong judgment skills from them.

They should have the potential to quickly and effectively research to gain an understanding of the work and its nature. They also need in-depth information to prepare the legal strategies and all it comes from a well-researched work.  The preparation of the legal strategies needs absorption and comprehension of a large amount of data available. They need to distil them into something useful and manageable.

The top Legal Consultants are logical and analytical at the same time. They also display a great deal of creativity in problem-solving. The best solution to any scenario is not always clear. Therefore, to outmanoeuvre your challenges one needs to think out of the box. Creativity is what matters the most while working with a client. They are expected to produce something out of the box to offer them something positive. Besides, they also work with great compassion and commitment which is a need to finalize things in the best possible manner.

Huge companies and corporations hire legal consultants to provide them with invaluable legal advice in handling their various legal matters. The nature of the job of a legal consultant differs from company to company. It is not similar for all the corporations except for some of the common duties performed by them. Today we will discuss in detail the responsibilities of legal consultants in dubai:

Legal Consultants are responsible to gather all the information from within and externally. All the data collected is in piles. Legal consultants review all the papers to sort out the significant ones. For it, they have to deal with the company’s management and collect the necessary data for the purpose.

Once the information is extracted, he will draft the written summaries of the data. He is responsible to summarize loads of documents that can easily be used for a particular situation. Moreover, he will review the reports of the previous years to analyze the circumstances and have a better understanding of the situation.

He renders assistance over the legal matters concerning or threatening the business. He will negotiate with the other party on behalf of his client to amicably resolve the issue. Moreover, he will prepare all the significant documents needed in the entire procedure. Not only this, he will revise and go through all the documentation work done by the client to analyze the situation more clearly.

Drafting legal papers lies on the shoulders of legal consultants in dubai. it is not restricted to preparation; he will also review the paperwork before filing for the legal matter. Legal Consultants in Dubai are in a better position that has familiarity with all the legal matters. They have a solid knowledge of working in the Dubai market space.

They have an added advantage of knowing the legal environment and the market dynamics which is quite helpful. Besides, he is updated about all the latest laws and regulations which are crucial for the legal matter. Additionally, plenty of work experience will add more confidence and weightage to one’s opinion and suggestions.

Difference Between Lawyers and Legal Consultants in Dubai:

  • In UAE, a Lawyer has to be Emirati Lawyer.
  • UAE Law does not allow a Non-UAE Citizen to be an Advocate or Lawyer.
  • Lawyers or Advocates in Dubai are always UAE citizens also called Emiratis.
  • But what about those who are expatriates? They are allowed to become Legal Consultants.
  • But they have to pass the examination.
  • They can work on legal work e.g. documentation etc.
  • They can provide legal counselling.
  • They can manage Law Firms.
  • They can have jobs in the corporate sector as company employees.
  • But they can't appear in Courts.
  • They can not have the trade license of a Law Firm.
  • They can also be Arbitrators. Certifications and Licenses are required.
  • Lawyers in Dubai also have to meet a quality standard.
  • Being Emirati does not mean there is no Law for locals.
  • They have to be mature, responsible and mature more than others.
  • Court Appearance is not the honour. If the Court Appearance or Legal Representation is not justified then DIWAN is strict punishment for the Emirati Lawyers as well.

Are you looking for an employment lawyer

Are you looking for an employment lawyer? Exploring the employment lawyer in Dubai may appear to be an overwhelming experience. Well, we are there to guide you with your final pick by offering you different sources to approach the most appropriate employment lawyer. We will give you an array of sources that can be used to get to the lawyer within the next few days. Make us part of your hunt to a lawyer and ease out the whole tiresome procedure. Let us discuss the different sources which can be useful in determining the employment lawyer for our legal matter. When people are looking for an employment lawyer they put in efforts to find a suitable person for their case. They may search out for an employment lawyer from the newspapers or television. An individual can pull out a name using different sources. Newspapers and television carry the names of the renowned lawyers who are present in the market space. Phone numbers and locations are given which can be used to directly dial the lawyer.

Moreover, referrals from the folks and friends can be used to get to the appropriate lawyer. Get recommendations from those who have experience with an employment lawyer. Many people rely on suggestions from kith and kin because their experience is useful to them. By using their past experience one can get to an experienced lawyer in Dubai. Besides, nowadays the internet carries the names of various lawyers in Dubai. There you can search for various law firms offering different types of services. Employment lawyer’s information along with their qualification, experience, and location all is present on the website. You can read through different sites offering different services and choose the best viable option. Last but not the least, you can check the locality nearby or the bar association, you can physically interact with the lawyers you want to hire. The bar associations contain various experienced and well-trained employment lawyers with various expertise and abilities. You can meet them one on one and get a closer chance of knowing them personally and professionally. Dubai Lawyers e.g. Labour and Employment Lawyers have proved their worth in the last several decades, therefore the chances are quite less that clients will be trapped or cheated.

Qualities to Find in Employment Lawyers:

  • First of all the education
  • Communication
  • Level of Confidence
  • His or Her Name in the market
  • License to practise
  • Professional and Personal Profile
  • Name in Court
  • Name in Business Market
  • Past Results
  • Winning and Losing
  • Major experience in UAE Labour Law for the Labour and Employment Lawyers.
  • Even though they are kind of All-Rounders for the Employment Cases the reputation must be established as Best Labour and Employment Lawyers.
  • They must be having advanced knowledge, which means they must be having the latest law. For example, UAE Labour Law 2022, is a Fully Revised Law.